la strada Nova L… LOVE IT!

My wife and I purchased a Nova L in 2007, we are the 4th owners!! Why?

Waking up on a cold morning requires nothing more than reaching for the heating controls above my head whilst still in bed. Within minutes hot air is blowing across the bottom of the bed and my feet, wonderful. The hot water boiler is located beneath the bed in the ‘garage’, winter nights are never cold. We have a Heki 4 roof light above the bed. A clever invention that is eclectically remotely controlled and, with a rain sensor. This automatically closes the window should it come onto rain either during the night or more importantly if you are away from the van during the day. Those clever continentals did not think about the damp, misty, or humid evenings of an English summer. The window was always closing virtually every night apart from those rare nights of hot and dry summers, my wife and I prefer to sleep with lots of fresh air.

The solution, an electrical supply isolation switch. All that is required is to open the roof light in the late afternoon/ early evening to the desired position and then switch off the electric supply. Hey presto no more stuffy nights. On those occasions when it comes on to rain, you either hear it on the roof or wonder why you have a wet face. All it takes is to reach up to the switch for the electric supply and the window shuts or you control to a lower position.

We like our comforts – heating and ventilation, but also the payload of the garage. It serves to keep walking boots dry and warm, wet proofs hang from a rail, room for an electric folding cycle, a folding full size BBQ with griddle / plancha plate, two patio chairs and more importantly a cooler box for the white wine and beers, oh, and the other bits and pieces to make a happy campsite. What a payload!! What comfort!!

Four years of ownership and my wife and I, together with the dog, LOVE IT !

Ron and Susan Wallace, and Merlyn